Monitor the police and expose misconduct – safely and legally

Cop Watch is an effective and legal tool for empowering communities, ending police misconduct, unprofessional behavior, and discrimination. You have the right to film the actions of police officers in public places, and seizure or destruction of recordings by police is a violation of your constitutional rights.  

What is Cop Watch NYC?

Cop Watch NYC is community-based website which will empower New Yorkers to safely and legally monitor and expose police misconduct and discrimination by encouraging them to actively observe and film police encounters. The site will aid in our larger efforts to combat Stop and Frisk and other discriminatory and abusive police tactics used by the NYPD.

Why join Cop Watch NYC?

People in cities across the country have used Cop Watch as an important organizing tool against police misconduct, uprofessional behavior and discrimination. By joining Cop Watch NYC you can help deter police misconduct and abuse in your community. If enough New Yorkers commit to routinely monitoring the cops, we can curb the use of tactics that have made thousands of innocent people feel like criminals in their own neighborhoods.

We're stronger when we work together.

Start a Cop Watch team today! Organize with others in your community who are committed to protecting our civil rights and holding police accountable for misconduct and abuse.