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If you've had enough of discriminatory policing tactics in New York City, join the Cop Watch NYC community today. We'll keep you posted on ways you can help hold the police accountable and make our communities safer for everyone.


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The NYPD's discriminatory policing tactics have become a national scandal. Under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration, the NYPD has made over 5 million stops of New Yorkers. Most of these deeply humiliating and invasive stops were of Black or Latino people, stopped without any suspicion of wrongdoing. We don't have to stand for this.


Cop Watch NYC is an online community of citizens united by our shared goal of police accountability. We have resources on how to safely and legally monitor the police, and we make it easy to connect with others in the community that want to put an end to police abuse, discrimination and violence.


Each of us can do our part to help deter police abuse by stopping to watch the police and documenting their activities (either individually or as part of a team). It’s completely legal. If the police know we’re always watching and filming, they'll be less likely to harass and abuse innocent people. And when they do cross that line, we'll have the documentation we need to hold them accountable.


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